Seb Barlow One-Shot Drum Samples


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Signature one-shot drum samples from Pop Punk and Rock producer, Seb Barlow
Mix ready samples, requiring no further processing to make your drums slam
34 samples total in 44.1, 24-bit WAV format
Can be used with or without triggering software in any DAW
Includes 11 kick samples, 17 snare samples, 3 tom sets (3 x rack tom and 3 x floor tom)

One-shot drum samples are a sure-fire way to add punch, impact, consistency and power to your existing drum tracks. They can be used to replace your existing drums but they are generally used as reinforcement samples as they are single, hard-hit velocity samples.

I would recommend only placing one-shot samples on already hard-hitting drum hits, rather than snare rolls and faster-played parts. However, there are no hard and set rules and you can do whatever feels right! I use the samples on pretty much every single kick drum hit and 90-95% of snare drum hits.

You will hear these one shot samples over a tonne of records and songs that I have produced and mixed from bands like Neck Deep, WSTR, As It Is, Woes and Shaded.